Saturday, August 9, 2008

Manny Being Manny...Encore Edition

Just when you think enough is enough and a saga is over, a jackass swoops in to save the day. In true Manny Ramirez fashion, just about a week after the Red Sox office finally gave him what he's asked for on an annual basis, right after he says he wants to retire in a Dodgers uniform, Manny reportedly announces that he wants to file for free agency in the off season so he can sign with the Yankees.
Of course, this means Hank and George Steinbrenner will go crazy to placate his statements and sign him, just to prove they can. If for nothing else, to make yet another stupid dig on the Red Sox and us fans. An effort to turn the screw if you will. Johnny Damon anyone?
Since I'm on the the subject of the Steinbrenners I believe it necessary to mention two blatant nuggets of Red Sox envy. To quote Hank, "Red Sox Nation, what kind of s**t is that?" Sounds like he's a little worried about us to me. Secondly, I saw in a MLB catalogue, a shirt that simply said, "Yankee Universe." Here's how I picture the Yankees front office meeting that landed on that little goldmine... "Let's think people! What's bigger and better than a Red Sox Nation? I got it! Yankee Universe! There's nothing bigger than the universe!" Sounds like that guy who buys a Lamborghini to compensate for shortcomings in...ah, personality. I know you hear me on this one ladies.
OK, tangent aside, Manny going to the Yankees would only prove one thing as far as Manny is concerned. No matter what he says about not being a fan of the media, he has certainly made a one man circus of himself recently. To me, this further proves that regardless of how great a hitter he is, he is only in the game for himself. He finally gets what he has said he's asked for repeatedly over the years and he's still flinging muck at the Sox. Does he want us to hate him? Despite all good that he has said about us fans, going to the Yankees by his choice is a slap in the face of Red Sox fans everywhere. By the way, that is why we boo Johnny Damon, he's in serious denial if he thinks he hears cheers when he comes to Fenway.
As I said in my last Manny related post, good luck L.A. I like you guys and I understand the frustration you must be feeling already and can only sympathise. But, if Manny lands in the Bronx, that will most certainly be a case of "you two deserve each other" as far as I'm concerned. The Yankees and Manny might be a perfect fit. Where else would a player with an over-inflated self worth go? At this point, I'm thinking about putting Manny in the same bucket as A-Rod, Damon, and Clemens. In other words, lumping him with players who somehow think that they are more important than the rest of the team.
Go where you may Manny, at least you're not our headache anymore.
That's me, right now, in the middle of everything.


phairhead said...

ugh i don't want him playing for the yanks!

Today'sTheDayForHomerJ said...

Yeah, you do. The guy has put up a Hall of Fame career.