Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Movie I Love...

I have very recently watched Juno. Simply put, I loved it! To me, movies that just "arrive" are some of the best around. Meaning, movies that are just themselves, no gimmicks, just solid stories with solid characters. A movie that is what it is and nothing more or less. This is exactly what Juno is. As a bonus, it's about a teenage girl who makes, in my humble opinion, a responsible choice regarding a unplanned Did I mention that the title character Juno is also the most endearing, honest, and I dare say realistic teenage girl I have seen on film to the best of my memory? Well, she is. I defy anyone to poke holes in what I've said. Yeah, I said it, and I didn't stutter either. ;)
In any case, this is a true gem of a film. An honest look at life as an accidental mom. If you haven't seen it yet, do so soon.
That's me right now, in the middle of everything.

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Anonymous said...

Juno is such a great movie! I agree full heartedly! The moment I saw this ridiculously great film I was awestruck. It's a classic without a doubt!