Thursday, August 18, 2016


What can I say about the "you" of this poem? She's a beautiful soul and one of my most favorite on the planet. I love that she's part of my world and that I'm a part of hers.


I look up often.
Especially to the sky.
I have no grudge with the clouds,
But I prefer the night sky.
The night sky has always grounded me.
The gentle light of the countless stars,
To finding constellations,
To drawing my own shapes.
The night sky.
For the simple joy of just looking.
From time to time there's more to see;
Shooting stars,
The International Space Station,
And comets.
This, is how I see you.
You are a comet.
Comets aren't always in view,
Though NASA knows where they are.
You, my comet, though I don't always see you,
I know where you are.
Even when you're in other ends of the galaxy.
This is why, when you come into my sky,
I make sure to look up.
Because I know your time in my sky isn't like that of the stars.
Or the moon even.
You do as comets do.
You light up my sky when you come by.
And though the time shared isn't constant
The intrigue and energy is.
I'm not selfish enough to think you belong to my sky,
Though I'm blessed to know you're there.
So I always look forward to seeing you again.
Knowing that some of your light is for me,
I'll keep looking up,
Smiling and knowing you'll be back,
That you'll be there,
In my sky again.

for Christa

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