Friday, March 14, 2014

First World Savagery

This one is born out of many conversations, a lot of reading, and some fierce disagreements. That's all I'll say...

First World Savagery

There are a bunch of savages in this world.
Living on the blood of others.
They say
That is, it's in the text books,
Historians state that not a single shot was fired during the Cold War.
The millions burned in Hiroshima and Nagasaki may have a different opinion on that.
Not a single shot, but two very big bombs.
Brutality against humanity doesn't get a pass on the so called laurels of technological advance.
First world savagery.
Back in the day, or a few days ago maybe
The southern trees had the most morbid of decorations.
Billie sang a song about some strange fruit
People given life sentences for the crime of not being white.
Slavery ended, a poison purged, but there was more.
First world savagery.
A boy with a life in front of him gets pulled from a night out so motherfuckers with some insecurities can show him that they don't like that he likes boys.
Leave him for dead in a place that can only be considered nowhere.
First world savagery.
There are children, right now, trying to sleep on stomachs so empty that "hungry" doesn't even begin say what's what.
They will probably die before I finish this poem.
We let them starve because we say their parents are lazy.
First world savagery.
This is just the smallest of nutshells. We live in this world.
This sheltered little glass house.
We're Americans god dammit!
You can't touch this!
Oh wait!
Looks like you can...
April 19, 1995
September 11, 2001
April 15, 2013
The list is long...
But hold up!
This is America motherfuckers, that's not allowed!
Stop this train now...
This is first world savagery.
And you've condoned it.
No more of this blame game on the minority for the insecurities and ignorance of the shit you spill in the name of patriotism, and fuck, really!? In the name of God?
Fuck you with that!
If you are the patriot and the Christian you claim you are, you'll realize that you've been commanded to never let Matthew die.
To never let a southern tree bare strange fruit.
To never let Diallo get shot even once... Let alone 41 times.
To never let millions die in an unforgettable fire.
Drones don't make this shit any better.
Otherwise, go get more tea, have a party for all I care.
But, admit this;
You are a first world savage.

Committing and condoning first world savagery.


jodiann wise said...

*snaps* This is fantastic. Harkens to mind the slippery slope of the bystander.

Today'sTheDayForHomerJ said...
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Today'sTheDayForHomerJ said...

Thank you!