Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mental Health Trilogy: Part One - Alcohol

This poem came from a darker place than many of my poems do. It needed to. I like the biting sarcasm in this. I like that I let myself explore this thought. And I like how this still feels like poetry. This wasn't intended to be part of anything at all. It was going to stand alone as a down and bitter moment. As it turns out, I've got more.

How We Get Along

I'm not sleeping right.
I'm not eating right.
I'm drinking.
No, I'm not missing a word.
That was intentional.
As intentional as every sip of every drink that has crossed my lips.
Do I have demons? I do.
I drink my demons and 99% of the time I enjoy every, single, fucking drop.
All of them. In bottles, cans, glasses and by the occasional shot.
All of them.
Do I want to stop?
I have a few jokes lined up for why I don't.
And there's a truth in every joke.
So that's what's up.
Thanks for asking.
Me and my demons are getting along just fine.

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