Monday, January 12, 2009

Dreaming Out Loud

Here it is, my first post of 2009. Personally, I even surprised myself on this one, only 12 days in after all.

In all seriousness, I do have a point in posting, and it has a name: Wall-E. I had the chance to watch the movie this past weekend and completely fell in love with that little tin can. By all rights, Pixar is on a roll, they haven't put a dud out yet and Wall-E is no exception. In a recent e-mail "conversation" with a friend/colleague of mine, we discussed the layering Pixar is so apt at accomplishing and how this type of writing truly delivers a final product that just may have something for everyone. In my opinion, Wall-E is the epitome of this. To say this movie is just a cute story about an adorable little robot's adventures would dramatically sell this movie short. It is in its multiplicities that Wall-E really takes stride.

To me, the great story, the humor, and warnings of the trappings of consumerism combine to create a movie that should rightfully stand out above the crowd. In 96 minutes, Pixar has delivered what few movies have done so effectively, pure entertainment mixed with pure purpose. Like I said, Wall-E very blatantly cries foul on rampant consumerism; however, it never even begins to be too preachy. This is where the character of Wall-E himself comes into play. With such a childlike innocence, all he ever tries to do is help others. Through both his programming (he's a trash removal robot) and his giving and selfless personality, Wall-E is more of a celebration of the human spirit than any of the movie's human characters.

In my mind, this is the true triumph of both the movie and the title character. Wall-E serves as an extremely profound, though deceptively (and cutely) simple, example of what will and determination can bring. He never gives up, period. In that he teaches his lesson. For a little robot, his humanity is gigantic. So gigantic that I can't figure out how to stop gushing about this movie. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Very few movies offer such a total package of genuine story, humor, and message. Wall-E never steers off-course or misses a beat for even a second, this movie is an honest celebration of all that is good in life and the world.

At risk of getting on a soapbox myself, we can all stand to learn more about ourselves and our capabilities. We can all find that will and determination to make ourselves, others, and the world what we want it all to be. It's time to celebrate the best things in life and realize that they are not things at all. To quote Bono, it's time to "dream of the world we want to live in and dream out loud." All of this from a binocular-eyed tin can with tank-tread feet named Wall-E.

That's me, right now, in the middle of everything.


phairhead said...

You know this probably the 50th good thing I've heard about Wall-E from an adult. Maybe SexyBeast and I should check it out.

Today'sTheDayForHomerJ said...

That's because the movie is incredible! Hopefully I captured the spirit of the movie and the character Wall-E well. As you read, the movie had a pretty profound impact on me. Very excellent stuff!

a vermonter lost in another world said...

oh how true! i watched wall-e the other day and fell in love with it. it does go beyond a cute robot, it sends a message in a way that isn't preachy or overzealous. perrrrrfection.