Sunday, September 28, 2008

Age? When it matters...Or Does It?

My first post in more than a month, hopefully it's a good one.
Through a debate/conversation I had many thoughts slam into my brain at the speed of a bullet train. Some centered on many issues relating to the state of things, most on my age. I think I can do them justice, so here goes.

I got "reminded" again that my age, as long as I am younger than others, will forever mean that I'm a naive, idealistic, know-it-all a-hole who goes through life second guessing his elders. My age was brought up again as a "shut up kid, what do you know?" dismissing that sometimes makes me wonder why I ever bothered registering to vote some 13 plus years ago. Obviously, I have no idea what I'm ever talking about, so I guess I'm wasting a vote every time.

Honestly, what I really thought was the opposite. Presently I am 31 and some change and the last time I checked, eligable to run for president in less than four years. Hell, I believe I can already be a congressman, senator, or some sort of local elected official. With that said, let me ask this: Why can't I have an opinion on things that matter to me, my life, my daughter, and the rest of the world? I may be half the age of the person in mind, but does that mean I haven't seen and experienced the world in a way that allows me to have and express my convictions?

Like I said, I'm 31, I work (therefore pay taxes), I'm a father, I've educated myself to vote in every election since I've been a legal and registered voter. In short, I think it may be my turn now. If not, when? I like to think that I keep myself informed and educated and that I have a viable point of view here and there and that age should not matter.

The catch is this though, and what a catch it is...As long as I'm younger than someone and my viewpoint doesn't match up, I have no right, not even in America. A country that has allowed my the right to vote since the age of 18, a country that has been taking income taxes from me since my first job at 15, a country that despite its current leadership and its mistakes, I stand by and love. To close, no matter my age, I loath the word "queer" unless it's used in its correct context, I will always oppose this war and support my troops, I will always have my opinions, and my hopes are that my daughter can someday feel the same.

That's me, right now, in the middle of everything.

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phairhead said...

You too huh? I hate being demeaned because I'm "young"